Romans 04 Overview

Romans 4, Argument and Outline Tod Kennedy, August 2014 Romans section 2: God credits his righteousness by grace through faith—God’s solution, Romans 4-5 Romans 4. Righteousness is credited through faith Abraham believed God before his circumcision and before the law was given, and his faith was credited to him for righteousness. David also speaks of…

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Romans 04 Commentary

Romans 2014 Chapter 4 Commentary Tod Kennedy, taught July and August 2014 Section 2. God Credits His Righteousness Through Faith Chapter 4, Righteousness is credited through faith apart from circumcision and the law Romans 4:1-8. Abraham and David illustrate the truth that God gives His righteousness to people through faith (to people who believe him)…

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Romans 04 Select Words

Select words from Romans 4 Abraham αβρααμ (Romans 4.1,2,3,9,12,13,16) S#11 Circumcision περιτομη (Romans 4.9,10,11,12) S#4061 David δαυιδ (Romans 4.6) S#1138 Faith πιστις S#4102 or believe πιστευω S#4100 (Romans 4:3,5,9,11,12,13, 14,16,17,18,19,20,24) Grace χαρας (Romans 4.4,16) S#5485 Heir κληρονομος S#2818 (Romans 4.13,14 Imputation-credit λογιζομαι (Romans 4:3,4,5,6, 8,9,10,11,22,23,24) S#3049 Jesus our Lord ‘ιησουν τον κυριον `ημων (Romans 4.24)…

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