Romans 08 Overview

Romans 8 The Holy Spirit Inside

Theme, Argument, Outline, Applications

May, 2015, Tod Kennedy


The Holy Spirit makes living the Christian life possible in spite of the flesh and the curse on creation; and the Father secures us in his love from start to finish because Jesus died, was raised, ascended, and intercedes for us; and no one or nothing can separate us from God’s love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8 Argument

Our relationship and standing or position is in Christ and so we have the privilege to live according to the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus (walking by the Holy Spirit) instead of according to the law of sin and death of Romans 7 (Romans 8.1-4). Those living by the Holy Spirit focus on the things of the Holy Spirit, and this is possible because the Holy Spirit lives in every believer. He gives life to us while we are in our human bodies—life is the ability to live God’s kind of life right now (Romans 8.5-11). Therefore believers are to live according to the Holy Spirit and not according to the flesh, and live as adopted sons of God and heirs of God (Romans 8.12-17). And though creation, including believers, may suffer greatly now, no suffering can compare with our future glory (Romans 8.18-25). And not only this, but believers are in God’s plan from start to finish—from God knowing about us in the past to glorifying us in the future in heaven—and nothing can change this or separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8.26-39).

Chapter 8 Outline

  1. Union with Christ places believers under the law of the Holy Spirit in fact and in practice, not under the law of sin and death (8:1-4).
  2. Believers have the option of living by the Holy Spirit, or by the sinful nature expressed through the flesh (8:5-8).
  3. The Holy Spirit option is only true for those whom the Holy Spirit indwells—believers (8:9-11).
  4. It then follows that believers are to live day to day by the Holy Spirit like adopted sons and heirs of God should live (8:12-17).
  5. Creation may suffer now, but the future inheritance is much greater than any present suffering (8:18-25).
  6. Believers often may not know God’s specific will when they pray, but they do know that God has a salvation plan from start to finish (Romans 8:26-30).
  7. God’s plan guarantees that each believer is secure now in life and will be secure forever (8:31-39).


  1. If you are a believer in Christ, the Holy Spirit lives inside you right now.
  2. Accept as true that the Holy Spirit provides the inner ability to live God’s way right now. Do you depend on the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life through you?
  3. Our mindset or focus is important. Is it set on the flesh or the Holy Spirit?
  4. Do not be overwhelmed with present suffering, because this suffering in no way compares with the glory we will experience when Christ comes. How do you handle bad things in life, with God’s perspective or man’s perspective?
  5. Believers are designed to become Christ like in character. Are you going in that direction?
  6. Do you believe that God did the best for you at salvation and so can only provide for us in like manner now in life?
  7. Can anything or anyone change or separate you from God’s love which we have because we are related to Christ Jesus our Lord? Definitely not.