Romans 01 Key Doctrines

What does Romans 1 teach about God Man Sin Christ Grace Faith Christian life and Ministry, Future?

Tod Kennedy February 7, 2014

Simple rule of thumb: observe what it says, interpret what it means, apply what I am to do.

  • God. Has a gospel and it is about his son Rom 1.1,3. Has a son Rom 1.2,4. Is Father of believers Rom 1.7. Paul thanks him Rom 1.8. Paul serves God Rom 1.9. God witnesses to Paul’s ministry Rom 1.9. Has a will for Paul and by extension for us Rom 1.10. God exerts power through the gospel resulting in salvation Romans 1.16. God has righteousness Romans 1.17. God has wrath Romans and it is revealed against those who suppress his truth 1.18. God makes himself known to people through creation Romans 1.19-21. People reject God and instead give loyalty to idols Romans 1.23. God gave these rejecters over to their own desires, to degrading passions, to depraved minds Romans 1.24,26.28. God has truth Romans 1.25. God is the creator and is blessed forever Romans 1.25. People can and do hate God Romans 1.30. God has rules for people to live by Romans 1.32.
  • Man. God puts people into his service Romans 1.1,9. Salvation open to Jew and Greek Romans 1.5,16. Have revelation about God Romans 1.18-21. Choose against God Romans 1.23. Choose their own judgment Romans 1.24,26,28. Know God’s rules Romans 1.32.
  • Sin. By a person’s choice Romans 1.18-32. Chooses idolatry Romans 1.23. Know God exists Romans 1.21. Pride Romans 1.22. Exchange truth for lie Romans 1.25. Degrading passions Romans 1.26. Homosexuality Romans 1.27. Many sins Romans 1.24-32.
  • Christ. Son of David (man) Romans 1.3. Son of God (God) Romans 1.4. Resurrected Romans 1.4. Source of grace and appointment for ministry Romans 1.5. Our access to God Romans 1.8.
  • Grace. Given to believers Romans 1.5. From Father and Son Romans 1.7.
  • Faith. Means of receiving salvation Romans 1.16. God’s righteousness revealed when one believes God Romans 1.17.
  • Christian life and ministry. Witness Romans 1.5. Serve God Romans 1.9. Prayer for those we serve Romans 1.9. Serve through our spiritual gifts so others benefit and are established in the faith Romans 1.11. Encourage each other by our service Romans 1.12. Bear fruit (production) in our ministry with others Romans 1.13. Sense of obligation Romans 1.14, eagerness Romans 1.15, and not ashamed of the gospel Romans 1.16.
  • Future. Salvation Romans 1.16. Judgment Romans 1.18-32.