1 Timothy 3 Leadership Qualifications

1 Timothy 3.1-7, Overseer επισκοπης character

  1. Not open to condemnation
  2. Faithful to wife in marriage
  3. Level headed, self controlled
  4. Discreet, reasonable
  5. Orderly, well behaved
  6. Hospitable
  7. Skillful in teaching
  8. Not drink too much
  9. Not a bully or violent
  10. Fair and courteous
  11. Peaceable
  12. Not love money
  13. Leads good household
  14. Leads children well
  15. Not new convert
  16. Good reputation with unbelievers.

1 Timothy 3.8-10, 12-13, Deacon διακονος

  1. Worthy of respect, dignified
  2. No devious speech, not insincere
  3. Not drink too much
  4. Not greedy for dishonest gain
  5. Honestly holds the faith
  6. First tested and approved
  7. If no reason for reproach, let them serve
  8. Faithful to wife in marriage
  9. Leads children and home well
  10. Deacons who serve well secure great standing and boldness in the faith

Timothy 3.11. women who serve in the church, possibly wives of deacons. Doubt they are deaconesses.

  1. dignified, worthy of respect
  2. not gossips, do not slander
  3. self-controlled, temperate, level headed
  4. faithful, trustworthy, dependable in all they do.
  5. See 1 Timothy 5.11-15 and 2 Timothy 3.6-7 for the high ethical standards for women in general. See 1 Timothy 2.9-15 for limitations on the service of women. Some refer to Romans 16.1 where Phoebe is called a διακονος diakonos (agent, assistant, attendant, servant, or deacon).