1 John – Use of Fellowship, Abide, Know

Word usage 1 John: Fellowship κοινωνια (4x), Abide μενω (22x), know γινωσκω (24x), οιδα (10x)

John uses three important terms—fellowship, abiding, and knowing God. They are within the same circle of meaning. Each has a little different emphasis. Fellowship refers to a close friendship; abiding refers to staying close in space (physical or spiritual) to someone and depending on that person; knowing God refers to experiential and intimate knowledge of a person.

Fellowship κοινωνια (4x) 1 John 1.3,3,6,7

Abide μενω (22x) 1 John 2.6,10,14,17*,24,24,24,27,27,28; 1 John 3.6,9,14,15,17,24,24; 1 John 4.12,13,15,16.16.16

Know γινωσκω (24x), οιδα (10x) 1 John 2.3,3,4,5,11,13,14,14,18,20,21,21,29; 1 John 3.1,1,2,5,6,14,15,16,19,20*,24; 1 John 4.2,6,6,7,8,13,16; 1 John 5.2,13,15,15,18,19,20,20