Acts: “Transition Within God’s Plan”

Acts “Transition Within God’s Plan”


  • Author: Luke the physician. 
  • Date:  About A.D. 62. 
  • Argument:  Acts records the experiential transition from the age of Israel (OT economy) to the church age (NT economy).  The book includes the beginning, scattering, adjusting, expansion, and clarification of the church.  It presents the development of the one body of Christ composed of believing Jew and Gentile.


Section 1, Church begins, 1-2

1.  Christ ascends/Disciples wait    

2.  Pentecost 


Section 2, Church scatters and adjusts, 3-12                 

3.  Not gold, but health             

4.  Peter and John on trial         

5.  Apostles must obey God

6.  Seven table servers  

7.  Stephen goes in glory            

8.  Saul’s inquisition/Philip’s ministry

9.  Saul’s salvation

10. Cornelius and Peter

11. Peter’s Gentile report

12. James killed/Peter freed


Section 3,  Paul travels, witnesses, and teaches, 13-21

13. First trip (Pisidian Antioch)

14. First trip (Paul stoned)

15. Jerusalem council

16. Second trip (Philippi)

17. Second trip (Thessalonica, Berea, Athens)

18. Second trip (Corinth)

19. Third trip (Ephesus)

20. Third trip (Miletus)

21. Third trip (Jerusalem arrest)


Section 4, Paul arrested, yet still serving, 22-28

22. Paul’s first defense

23. Jerusalem conspiracy

24. Caesarea prison (Felix)

25. Caesarea prison (Festus)

26. Caesarea prison (Agrippa)

27. Shipwreck, Malta, and Rome

28. Two year house arrest