1 Timothy 4: Argument and Outline

1 Timothy 4, Argument and Outline


  1. Paul’s philosophy of ministry
  2. Pray for others; godly women
  3. Overseers, deacons, and conduct in the church
  4. Departure from the faith; train for godliness
  5. Respectfully challenge; widows; elders
  6. Slaves and masters, godliness, money


1 Timothy 4, Departure from the faith; train for godliness



Even though believers are part of the church which has the truth, as time goes on some will depart (revolt) from the faith by promoting false doctrines (1 Timothy 4:1-5). Timothy is to warn believers about false doctrine and teach sound doctrine, warn against worldly fables, and promote godliness, because God our savior is our hope  (1 Timothy 4:6-11). Paul then encourages Timothy to be an example himself. Furthermore, Timothy should attend to reading, exhortation, and teaching the Scripture, and while doing this minister with his spiritual gift and continue on in his own Christian life (1 Timothy 4:12-16).



  1. 1 Timothy 4.1-5. As time goes on some will depart from the biblical faith. They will pay attention to false teachers and false doctrine. Those who pay attention to these false teachers and doctrine will harden their own conscience and viewpoint so they turn against God and the apostles’ doctrine. Two prominent areas that they attack are marriage and food.
  2. 1 Timothy 4.6-11. Timothy is to teach, warn, and promote godliness. He is to reject legendary myths. They are meaningless. Physical exercise is good but spiritual exercise for godliness is much more valuable, so Timothy should teach toward godliness. With godliness one is focusing on the living God.
  3. 1 Timothy 4.12-16. Paul encourages Timothy to be an example for believers, and also to continue with his public ministry. The way he personally acts and what he does in his public ministry are important. Personally, he is to demonstrate good speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity. In his ministry he is to have public reading of the Scripture, exhort, teach, use his spiritual gift, and stay strong in his life and teaching.

Select biblical doctrines

  1. People will defect from the biblical faith by paying attention to teachers influenced by deceiving spirits and doctrines that these teach promote.
  2. Marriage is good and we are free to eat what God has provided.
  3. Thank God for the food and eat with gratitude. God sanctifies the food.
  4. Warn those you teach about false teachers and false doctrines.
  5. Train for godliness. That is more valuable than physical training. Godliness is Christian behavior that reflects biblical beliefs and attitudes.
  6. Paul lists 10 things for Timothy to do.