Which Psalm Teaches … ?

Which Psalm teaches…? Handout

  1. What psalm give the rule for happiness and blessing? Psalm 1
  2. What psalm assures us that dictators, tyrants, evil rulers will be judged by God, and also gives the only way a ruler may escape that judgment. Psalm 2
  3. What psalm explains the uniqueness and responsibility of mankind? Psalm 8
  4. What psalm teaches how to deal with discouragement, rejection, and attacks? Psalm 13
  5. What psalm gives insight about practical atheists? Psalm 14
  6. What psalm tells us who can have fellowship with God and genuinely worship God? Psalm 15
  7. What psalm expresses focus on the LORD and worship of him, and the blessings that come from that activity? Psalm 16
  8. What psalm stresses God’s majesty seen in creation and in God’s word and the understanding of those truths should affect us? Psalm 19
  9. What psalm teaches his people to pray before an upcoming battle and that armies of chariots and horses are no match for the LORD? Psalm 20
  10. What psalm illustrates a believer praying with faith during undeserved suffering, attacks, and possible death, followed by praise for deliverance and a strong challenge to others to praise God? Psalm 22
  11. What psalm teaches that the LORD shepherds his people, provides for his people, leads them, restores them, guides them, takes through deathly dark times, promotes them, and blesses them with goodness and lovingkindness? Psalm 23
  12. What psalm tells us that the LORD of Hosts, the King of Glory, is the creator and who may approach the LORD for fellowship? Psalm 24
  13. What psalm is about national revival, both physical and spiritual? Psalm 85
  14. What psalm recalls God’s eternal existence, that he created the earth and world, that he is above time, that we should remember that we have limited time on earth, and want God’s blessing? Psalm 90
  15. What psalm warns us not to put all our hope and trust in influential people? Psalm 146
  16. What psalm tells us why we should praise and trust the LORD? Psalm 146
  17. What psalm especially emphasizes the LORD’s lovingkindness? Psalm 136
  18. What psalm says that all people and nations should praise the LORD because of his lovingkindness and truth-faithfulness? Psalm 117