Romans Sections and Chapter Titles

Tod Kennedy

“God’s righteousness is revealed in justification and sanctification by grace through faith to Jew and Gentile”

Romans Sections and Chapter Titles

Section 1: God’s righteousness and man’s unrighteousness—mankind’s problem, Romans 1-3

Chapter 1. Foundations for ministry, God’s righteousness and the gospel,  faith in and rejection of God’s revelation

Chapter 2. Self righteous judging, God judges all people, religious hypocrisy

Chapter 3. All people are sinful, justified freely by faith

Section 2: God credits his righteousness by grace through faith—God’s solution, Romans 4-5

Chapter 4. Righteousness is credited by grace through faith

Chapter 5. Justification benefits, grace abounds

Section 3: The Christian way of life, sanctification, is possible—now what? Romans 6-8

Chapter 6. Union with Christ makes them Christian way of life possible.

Chapter 7. The sinful nature inside

Chapter 8. The Holy Spirit inside

Section 4: God and Israel—what about Israel? Romans 9-11

Chapter 9. God’s promise and Israel

Chapter 10. Israel needs faith righteousness

Chapter 11. Israel’s temporary rejection will end with Israel’s salvation

Section 5: Day to day Christian life—things to do, Romans 12-16

Chapter 12. A new kind of priesthood, ministry, relationships

Chapter 13. Authority orientation, and put on the Lord Jesus Christ

Chapter 14. Give freedom instead of judgments and obstacles

Chapter 15. Think like Christ toward one another, and Christ works through Paul

Chapter 16. Personal notes and greetings