Romans 16 Personal Notes and Greetings


Paul winds up this reasoned theological letter by extending personal greetings and appreciation to some of the beloved fellow servants of the Lord in Rome. From this we get a glimpse of the servants of the Lord, and of Paul in his ministry. Anyone who serves the Lord Jesus Christ is valued. They are immortalized in God’s Holy Word. We also see that many small house churches make up the church in the capital of the Roman Empire. Paul, in this final chapter, notes that even the churches in Rome had trouble makers, because he advises them to be alert to trouble makers and those opposing the correct doctrine they were taught, and not only to be alert but also to stay away from such people. Along with this warning, he commends the believers in Rome for their well-known good testimony. He is glad of that testimony, yet reminds them to continue to be wise toward good and innocent toward evil. Paul, and his stenographer Tertius, then extend greetings from those who are with Paul. His benediction focuses on thanks to God who is able to establish and strengthen them based on Paul’s ministry and the Old Testament Scriptures.


  1. Romans 16:1-2. Paul recommends Phoebe, a serving lady, and asks that the Romans help her whenever and in whatever she needs help.
  2. Romans 16:3-16. Paul greets and sends personal notes to many of the Roman believers.
  3. Romans 16:17-21. Paul warns them to beware of the troublemakers, specifically those that live by their emotions and smooth talk people and work against the doctrine that has been taught.
  4. Romans 16:21-24. Others greet—some of the men with Paul also send personal greetings to the Romans.
  5. Romans 16:25-27. Benediction—God, who stabilizes believers, has all glory.

So What Application

  1. All believers, young or old, men or women, prominent or unknown, can serve the LORD and his church with distinction no matter what spiritual gift and abilities they have.
  2. Trouble makers may be found in many churches. They are self-centered, they flatter, and they are skilled talkers. They will try to insert false doctrine and cause divisions in the congregation. Do not allow them to gain a foothold in the church.
  3. God establishes believers in the faith through the gospel about Jesus Christ and teaching the Scriptures.
  4. Give honor to God who is wise and powerful, and mediated through Jesus Christ.