Matthew Argument and Chapter Titles

Tod Kennedy

Matthew’s Argument

Matthew: Apostle Matthew. Written about AD 40-60. Matthew wrote to Jews who knew the Old Testament. He wrote to present Jesus Christ, the Messiah, to the nation Israel and to record the attitude of Israel to the Messiah. Matthew gives us the genealogy, the presentation, and the authentication of Christ. Matthew then shows the nation’s opposition to and rejection of Christ followed by Christ’s rejection of Israel due to her unbelief. He then records the death and resurrection of Christ. Matthew concludes with Christ commissioning the disciples

Matthew in 6 Sections

Section 1, Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, 1-11
Section 2, Opposition and Rejection Builds, 12-15
Section 3, Preparation of the Disciples, 16-20
Section 4, Opposition and Rejection Climax, 21-25
Section 5, Cross, 26-27
Section 6, Resurrection, Commission, 28

Matthew Section 1, Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, Matthew 1-11

Chapter 1, Genealogy of Christ
Chapter 2, Magi; Child; and Herod
Chapter 3, John the Baptist and Jesus
Chapter 4, Temptation, Call Disciples, and Preaching
Chapter 5, Sermon on the Mount: blessed; the Law; anger; reconciliation; adultery; divorce; vows; revenge; love. Q and A about moral questions.
Chapter 6, Sermon on the Mount: alms; prayer; fasting; money; worry. Q and A about attitude and motivation.
Chapter 7, Sermon on the Mount: judging others; sense; prayer; treat others; narrow gate; wise and foolish. Q and A about people.
Chapter 8, Miracles: leper; paralytic; fever; wind and sea; demons
Chapter 9, Miracles: paralytic; publican; dead daughter; disease; demons
Chapter 10, Disciples are taught and sent
Chapter 11, John in Prison; my yoke

Matthew Section 2, Opposition and Rejection Builds, Matthew 12-15

Chapter 12, Pharisees criticize; Jonah sign
Chapter 13, Kingdom of Heaven parables
Chapter 14, Loaves; Fish; Walk on Water
Chapter 15, Wash hands

Matthew Section 3, Preparation of the Disciples, 16-20

Chapter 16, Leaven; Keys; On to Jerusalem
Chapter 17, Transfiguration
Chapter 18, Children; Forgiveness
Chapter 19, Divorce; Rich Man
Chapter 20, Landowner; Jesus nears Jerusalem

Matthew Section 4, Opposition and Rejection Climax, Matthew 21-25

Chapter 21, Jesus enters Jerusalem; Fig Tree; Land Owner
Chapter 22, Wedding Feast; Pharisees and scribes silenced
Chapter 23, Woe to Scribes, Pharisees, and Jerusalem rejected
Chapter 24, Sign of Jesus’ coming; sign of the end
Chapter 25, Ten virgins; talents; judges nations

Matthew Section 5, Cross, Matthew 26-27

Chapter 26, Last Supper; Arrest; Trials
Chapter 27, Trials; Cross

Matthew Section 6, Resurrection, Commission, Matthew 28

Chapter 28. Resurrection; Commission