Luke Chapter Titles

By Tod Kennedy

  1. Section 1, Jesus Christ is Born, 1-2
    • Angels announce two births; John is born; Zacharias prophecies
    • Jesus’ birth, dedication, and first 12 years
  2. Section 2, Jesus’ Early Ministry, 3-6
    • John baptizes Jesus; Jesus’ geneology
    • Jesus’ temptation; power of the Holy Spirit; Jesus’ public ministry
    • Catching men; healing sick; Levi
    • Jesus calls the twelve, then taught the Sermon
  3. Section 3, Doctrine, Miracles, Opposition, 7-19
    • The centurion’s faith; John’s question; perfume
    • The sower; storm and faith; demons and swine; Jairus’ daughter
    • Jesus sends the twelve; feeds 5000; transfiguration; demons; disciples
    • Jesus sends the seventy; the good Samaritan; Martha
    • The Lord’s prayer; kingdom divided; Jonah
    • Leaven of Pharisees; sparrows; grain barns; ready stewards
    • Repent or judgment; the kingdom of God
    • Sabbath trap; self-promotion; hospitality; my disciples
    • One hundred sheep; ten coins; two sons
    • The fired steward; the Pharisees; Lazarus
    • Stumbling blocks; ten lepers; days of Noah
    • Persistent prayer; two men; children; young ruler; Jesus predicts His death
    • Zaccheus; the nobleman; Jesus enters Jerusalem
  4. Section 4, Opposition Hardens, 20-21
    • Religious leaders challenge Jesus’ authority; vine growers; Caesar; resurrection; David
    • Jesus predicts persecution; Jerusalem’s destruction; tribulation; second coming; fig tree
  5. Section 5, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, 22-24
    • Lord’s Passover; arrest; Peter; trials
    • Crucifixion after more trials; burial
    • Resurrection; Jesus in the Old Testament; ascension