Ezra Applications: Political Poles


Political Poles

Non-Biblical World View Biblical World View
Communism – Socialism – Modern Liberalism (USA) (Fascism is also of the left) Classical Liberalism, Modern Conservatism
Internationalism Independent Nations
Central Planned Economy Free Enterprise
Economic Security Freedom
Naturalism (Materialism), Relativism, and if Religious is Liberal, Pantheist, or New Age Biblical Christians – Biblical Authority and Absolute Truth (Revelation)


The current day non-biblical world view is rooted in three philosophies:

  • Naturalism (Materialism or Humanism) – Atheism, Darwinism, Socialism-Communism, and Modern Liberalism are the main expressions.
  • Post-Modernism (Meaninglessness) – There is no meaning to anything; Everything is relative; Everything is fragmented.
  • Do It Yourself Spirituality – People invent their own religious systems; spiritual stew (often Pantheism).