Ephesians Chapter Titles

By Tod Kennedy

Theme: Ephesians tells us who we are in Christ, what we have because of who we are in Christ, and our privileges and opportunities because of who we are and what we have in Christ.

Summary: Paul begins with the place of the church in God’s eternal plan. He then moves to the members of the church and the condition in which they were born, then to their new position and how it came about. At this point Paul inserts his own relationship to the church age. He then moves to the day to day function of the church, called the suitable walk. The suitable walk includes equipping through gifted men, the expressions and relationships of the new man, and the believer’s combat engagement with satanic forces. Ephesians was written about AD 62.

  1. Chapter 1, Blessings in Christ
  2. Chapter 2, By grace through faith
  3. Chapter 3, The mystery of Christ
  4. Chapter 4, Equipping the saint
  5. Chapter 5, Spiritual warfare