1 Peter 5 Textural Observations

  1. Peter exhorts (παρακαλεω) the elders 1 Peter 5.1
  2. He is fellow elder
  3. He witnessed Christ’s sufferings
  4. He shared in Christ’s coming glory
  5. Elders are to shepherd God’s flock 1 Peter 5.2
  6. The flock is among or with the certain elders
  7. Exercise oversight (oversee) willingly, not by compulsion
  8. God’s will
  9. Not greedily
  10. Do it with eagerness
  11. Not lording over (κατακυριευω) 1 Peter 5.3
  12. People allotted to the shepherd
  13. Be examples, pattern, model
  14. The chief shepherd will come 1 Peter 5.4
  15. The elder shepherds will receive the crown of glory
  16. The crown will not fade or lose character
  17. Younger men 1 Peter 5.5
  18. Be subject to the elders
  19. Everyone have humility to one another
  20. God is opposed to the proud
  21. God gives grace to the humble
  22. Humble yourselves (ταπεινοω aor pass impv) under God’s hand 1 Peter 5.6
  23. God will exalt or give honor at the right time
  24. Casting all your cares on God 1 Peter 5.7
  25. God cares for you
  26. Be sober (νεφω aor act impv) 1 Peter 5.8
  27. Be alert (γρεγορεω aor act impv)
  28. The devil is our adversary
  29. The devil is like a lion that prowls
  30. The devil seeks someone to devour
  31. Resist (ανθιστημι aor act impv) the devil 1 Peter 5.9
  32. Strong in faith
  33. You know that other believers are suffering in the same way
  34. In the world—everywhere
  35. After you suffer 1 Peter 5.10
  36. Suffering is limited to time
  37. God is gracious
  38. God called you to eternal glory
  39. God called you in Christ
  40. God will perfect you (καταρτιζω fut act indic, restore, put in order, repair, equip)
  41. God will confirm you (στεριζω fut act indic, fix firmly in place, establish, support, confirm
  42. God will strengthen you (σθενοω fut act indic, make strong, strengthen)
  43. God will establish you (θεμελιοω fut act indic, to provide a base, lay a foundation, strengthen, establish)
  44. God has dominion for ever and ever 1 Peter 5.11
  45. Silvanus was Peter’s stenographer 1 Peter 1.12
  46. Peter regarded him as a faithful brother
  47. Peter wrote briefly exhorting and testifying
  48. He wrote about the true grace of God
  49. The readers are to stand firm in God’s grace
  50. She who is in Babylon 1 Peter 5.13
  51. She in Babylon are chosen together with the recipients
  52. She in Babylon sends greetings
  53. Mark is Peter’s son
  54. Mark sends greetings
  55. Greet one another with a kiss of love 1 Peter 5.14
  56. Peace to all you in Christ