1 Peter 5 Paragraph Summary

Peter urges the other elders to shepherd the flock that God has given to each of them. Then Peter states principles for them as elders: shepherd their own flocks, serve willingly, with eagerness, not for corrupt gain, as examples of Christ, and not as heavy handed dictators. Those who shepherd correctly will be rewarded the unfading crown of glory. He also directs the young men to accept the authority of the elders. Peter then expanded his statement about subjection to authority by telling everyone to clothe themselves with humility. The way we humble ourselves is by casting all our care upon God because he cares for us (and he is greater than we are). Since the devil is on the prowl to devour us, we should be alert and resist the devil’s attack by being strong in the faith and realize that other believers throughout the world suffer as we do. God is gracious and will repair, fix firmly in place, strengthen, and provide a base for us in the Christian life. Peter notes that he had Silvanus act as his letter carrier or stenographer or both for this letter about God’s grace. We all are to stand fast in this grace. Peter concludes with a greeting from a lady or church, from Mark, and from himself, followed by the closing “peace to all in Christ.”