1 John Questions and Verses

Is there a difference between fellowship, abiding, and knowing in 1 John? If yes, what differences and does it matter?

Chapter 1

  1. Who is Jesus Christ? 1-4
  2. Is he an historical person and how do we know? 1-4
  3. Is it possible to have a close friendship-fellowship with God and with Jesus Christ? 3
  4. Is God holy and sinless? 5
  5. Believers sin. How can we have fellowship with a holy God restored? 9
  6. Is it okay to claim we never sin? 8-10

Chapter 2

  1. To whom is John writing? 1
  2. What is an advocate and why is Jesus a believer’s advocate? 1-2
  3. How is Jesus our propitiation? 2
  4. From the thrust of John’s letter, what does he mean when he says we know him? 3
  5. How do we know that we love God? 5
  6. Believers are to love whom? 10
  7. Do we know God in a close personal way at the time we disobey him? 9, 11
  8. What is the difference in one’s life between loving a fellow believer and hating a fellow believer? 11
  9. What are believers not to love? 15
  10. What is the anointing that John wrote about? 20, 27
  11. What is the truth that John’s readers know? 21-22
  12. Who are antichrists? 22
  13. What is John’s main point about Jesus? 22
  14. What has God promised those who believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Son? 25
  15. How can we have confidence that Jesus will be pleased with us when he returns? 28

Chapter 3

  1. What has our heavenly Father called or named us? 1
  2. Why does the world not understand believers? 1, 13, John 15.18; 17.14
  3. What happens to us when Jesus appears from heaven? 2
  4. If we anxiously wait for Jesus to return, does that make any difference in how we live? 3
  5. Believers become new creatures in Christ with a born of God nature (seed) when they believe. When we live according to that in Christ nature do we sin? 6-9
  6. Who are we following when we sin, God or the devil? 8
  7. What are two things that children of God are to do? 11, 16, 18, 23
  8. When we love believers are we living at that time in the experience of death or life? 14

Chapter 4

  1. What is the first question to ask a new teacher (prophet in John’s day)? 1-3
  2. What can we conclude about a teacher (prophet) who rejects the apostle’s teaching about Jesus Christ? 5-6
  3. Who is the source and pattern for love? 7
  4. How did God show his love to the world? 9-10
  5. How do we show what the invisible God is like? 12
  6. Why did the Father send the Son into the world? 14
  7. Are we able to love God at the same time we hate fellow believers? 20
  8. Why does godly love prepare us for the judgment seat of Christ? 17-18
  9. If we love God we should also love whom? 21

Chapter 5

  1. What is the minimum one must believe to become a child of God? 1
  2. If we love God and obey his word what will we also do? 1-2
  3. Who overcomes or defeats the world? 4
  4. When do believers overcome the world and how? 5
  5. What are the three witnesses to Jesus? 6-8
  6. What has God testified to? 9
  7. What does the testimony say? 11
  8. If a person has the Son what does he possess? 12
  9. What does God want every believer to know? 13
  10. How does assurance of salvation relate to prayer? 14-15
  11. How should we pray for a believer we know is sinning? 16
  12. What keeps the born of God one from sin? 18
  13. Why does John consider idolatry a problem? 21