Christians Need to Know These

Christians Need to know and apply by faith now

Tod Kennedy 3.27.20

In times like these people are scared, uncertain, and sometimes hopeless–unbelievers and often believers. We especially need to remember our foundations. An unbeliever may  focus on questions 1-4, which then can lead to question 5. All believers, no matter how knowledgeable, fall back on the answers to each of these basic questions in times of stress. How are we doing today?

  1. Who is God and what is he like?
  2. Is God in charge of the world?
  3. Is God interested in me?
  4. Who is Jesus Christ?
  5. What is the gospel and what is my response to it—faith or unbelief?
  6. Is the Bible truthful? Do I believe it?
  7. Has God forgiven my sin and do I have eternal life?
  8. Am I confident that heaven is my ultimate home no matter what happens?
  9. What Bible promises and doctrines do I depend on right now?
  10. Do I understand Christian way of life and live it?