Apologetic Quick View

How do I know that God exists?

  • Creation
  • Bible
  • Jesus Christ

What is God like?

  • Creator
  • Cares for me
  • Good

How do I know that the Bible is true?

  • Bible says so
  • Jesus and writers say so
  • Prophecy fulfilled
  • Unity
  • Accuracy
  • Survival and influence
  • Jesus arose from physical death.

How do I know that Jesus really lived?

  • Bible record
  • Non-biblical writings by Josephus (c. 94), Tacitus (c. 116), Justin Martyr (c. 150), Pliny the Younger (112), Suetonius (120).
  • Jesus changed history and culture
  • A note about first century records.

How do I know that the resurrection really happened?

  • Bible record
  • Ask the witnesses
  • Historians agree
  • Empty tomb
  • Never found his body
  • Roman and Jewish security
  • Changed lives

How do I know that Jesus Christ is the only way to God?

  • Bible
  • Jesus said so
  • Resurrection of Jesus Christ

What do you think about Jesus?

  • Lord
  • Lunatic
  • Liar

How come there are so many religions?

  • One faith in the beginning
  • Satan deceives people
  • People began to disbelieve and to change god’s message
  • Non-believers spread wrong messages which become religions
  • There always has been some true believers.